This is the first volume of the journal. Owing to a hacked site and other technical problems, we have not been able to publish subsequent volumes. We are therefore making the first volume available to the public here.

Critique of Political Economy

Volume 1, September 2011 ISSN 1940-3062

Editors: Andrew Kliman and Alan Freeman

Critique of Political Economy is published by the International Working Group on Value Theory (IWGVT)

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Editors’ Note

Introducing COPE 1


David E. Kaun, Nature and Significance of Increasing “Economic Freedom” Around the World: a skeptical view 5

Andrew Kliman, Marx’s Reproduction Schemes as an Unbalanced-Growth Model 33

Ali Murat Özdemir and Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir, Law, Labor, and Society in Turkey: the new Labor Act in a wider social context 63

Nick Potts, Valuation in the Presence of Stocks of Commodities: exploring the temporal single-system interpretation of Marx 89

Review Essay

Geoff Tily, Another “Useful Fiction”?: A review essay on Backhouse & Bateman, The Cambridge Companion to Keynes 121

Symposium on the Value-Form Paradigm

Introductory Note 153

Alan Freeman, Money, Labor, and Logic: a critical comparison 155

Andrew Kliman, On Capitalism’s Historical Specificity and Price Determination: comments on the value-form paradigm 177

Michael Posner and Maya Gonzalez, Capitalist Production and Social Form: the paradox of the value-form paradigm 197

Patrick Murray, Avoiding Bad Abstractions: a defense of co-constitutive value-form theory 217

Book Review

Ian J. Seda-Irizarry, Review of Andrew Kliman, Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital”: a refutation of the myth of inconsistency 249

The Economic Crisis: a call for papers 254

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